HOVERKOAT Ballistic Fiber Cases for iPhone 7
Feather light at only 12 grams and 0.6mm thin, providing elegant
protection while accentuating the iPhone sexy silhouette
HOVERSKIN Alligator Edition in Ballistic Fiber and Italian Leather for iPhone 7
Feel exceptional, feel the strength under the surface in embossed premium leather at only 1.2mm thin.
HOVERSKIN Ballistic Fiber with Italian Napa Leather for iPhone 7
Hand selecting premium certified 100% Italian hides for luxuriously soft tactile
experience and uniquely sticking visual appearance at only 1.2mm thin
KHROME with Soft Carbon Fiber Cases for iPhone 7
High gloss chrome finish case offers fantastic visual and tactile appeal
MAGSHIELD Soft Carbon Fiber Magnetic Cover for iPhone 7
Screen protection when you needed, the perfect companion for your iPhone
with Adaptable Magnetic Shield