monCarbone – where less is more

Inspired by the intricacy of Aerospace Carbon Fiber, monCarbone creates lifestyle products merging influences and techniques, fusing design, manufacturing technology and craftsmanship with carbon fiber of the highest quality. monCarbone applies to transform the rigid surface feel of carbon fiber into a luxurious user experience.

monCarbone is an expert in turning the dreams of carbon fiber material engineering into reality as they help to invent advanced yet efficient products that suit the modern lifestyle. We extend the normal everyday goods into a new realm of possibilities. monCarbone represents the highest quality of all carbon fiber products.

iPhone Cases and Accessories
Car Accessories
Small Leather Goods and Life Style

Foremost Craftsmanship and Design

“The lightness of this material extends near limitless possibilities and can be applied to undiscovered solutions to technological issues of daily life. The powerful properties of carbon fiber cannot be told – it needs to be experienced.” – monCarbone CEO