KOBRA Carbon Fiber Lightning Cable USB-A to Lightning


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Lightning cable – DURABLE TO THE KORE

monCarbone KOBRA 20x More Durable than your average cable

Proprietary Kore™ Technology is constructed of triple reinforced and interwoven Power & Data Wires with Military Ballistic Fiber, delivering superior durability exceeding 20,000 times Flex Tested. Enclosed in Carbon Fiber & Metal Alloy Housing with High Tensile Braided Nylon finish, KOBRA is entirely designed to withstand long-term wear and tear.

Product Features:

  • 20x More Durable with Kore™ Technology
    20.000 Times Flex Tested
  • Premium Materials and Design
    100% Carbon Fiber and Chrome Metal Alloy Housing
  • Anti-Tangle
    High tensile braided nylon prevents knotting
  • Integrated Strain Relief (SR)
    Prevents fraying from plugging and unplugging
  • Made with Military Ballistic Fiber
    Reinforced Ballistic Fiber for superior strength


  • 2.4A Fast Charging
  • Kore™ Technology
  • Carbon Fiber & Metal Housing
  • Cable Length: 1 Meter (3.3 Feet)


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Merging Aerospace and Military Grade materials, monCarbone presents the world’s one and only Carbon Fiber Cable with Military Ballistic Fiber Kore™ Technology.

Kore™ Technology developed with Military Ballistic Fiber for its well known ballistic properties in military use. Lightweight at 5-times the strength of steel on equal weight basis. It is one of the strongest and most durable materials in the world.

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