KHROME Rose Gold Black for iPhone 8/7


$39.99 $19.99

Chrome and Carbon Fiber, elegant and timeless will just enough ‘Bling’
Zero Signal Block  |  Stylish  |  Durable

Product Features

  • Aerospace Soft Carbon Fiber on the back offers a luxurious tactile experience
  • Snap-on quality ensures secure and perfect fitment
  • Smooth internal surface
  • High-gloss mirror finish


Brand NEW Khrome Case with monCarbone® Soft Aerospace Carbon Fiber inlay, elegant and timeless with just enough ‘bling’ to surely get be noticed. High quality, High Gloss Chromed case offers fantastic fitment and visual appeal. Handcrafted for truly unique real carbon fiber texture and protection for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Carbon Fiber Characteristics

  • Aerospace material merges Hi-tech with elegant aesthetic styling
  • Lightweight, high-tenacity, and high-performance offer excellent versatility and protection


Additional information

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