Full Protection SOUNDUP­↑ Titanium Gray for iPhone XS/XS Max


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iPhone XS/XS Max Case – Full Protection with Carbon Fiber Composite Shield Hybrid Case

monCarbone SOUNDUP­↑ two-layers protection guard/defense from Carbon Fiber Composite Shield Technology and Shock-absorbing TPU Core for enhanced protection.

Product Features:

  • Proprietary Carbon Fiber Composite Shield Technology
    Outer layer 2x stronger than high-performance Polycarbonate
  • Shock-absorbing TPU Core protection
    Durable and flexible TPU Core for superior impact absorption
  • AMP SHOCK™ Sound Amplification Stereo Channels
    Forward facing sound channels for uninterrupted media experience
  • Raised bezel for full protection
    Protects your screen against bumps and scratches
  • Zero signal interference
    No signal loss for WIFI, Apple Pay, and GPS
  • Wireless charging compatible
    Charge seamlessly with most wireless chargers
  • Available for iPhone XS case / iPhone X case, and iPhone XS Max case



Proprietary Carbon Fiber Composite Shield with dual-layered TPU Impact Absorbing core creating a one of a kind shield that forms a tough but lightweight outer shell which is x2 stronger than high-performance plastics. More protection, less bulk.

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